Coaching For the Multi-Dimensional Career
6:30 PM18:30

Coaching For the Multi-Dimensional Career

We're thrilled to be partnering with Just Jaz coachin on an evening that explores starting a multi-dimensional, or portfolio, career.


We all have the moment when you are chatting away at a social or networking event and somebody asks " So what do you do?" and sometimes the answer is simple, "I am a {insert job title} at {insert company}" but more often we are responding "I am an {insert job title} at {insert company} but I also {insert side hustle/course/career aspiration}".

As the world of work changes and presents more risk, tough decisions and adventure there are movements towards taking personal development into our own hands, diversifying income streams and simple pursuing passions with as much intensity as our 9-5's.

We are creating multi-dimensional careers.


This event is for those interested in or beginning a multi-dimensional career. We will share practical coaching techniques to support you as the pioneer of your life so you may use this new found self-awareness to navigate a less-traditional career.

p.s. Multi-Dimensional includes terms like side-hustle, portfolio, plural, millenial, freelance...

18.30 Networking & drinks

19.00 Workshop begins

Hosted by Red Badger

A digital consultancy that helps large blue chip clients with digital transformation. We work with them to design customer-centric solutions; to be bold with technology; to drive out waste through lean and agile processes; and to help to build lasting change by developing internal capability.

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