The Business Leader Quiz

The Business Leader Quiz

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Find out what kind of business leader you are with our free quiz!

We spoke to the entrepreneurs and business people we know and looked at successful leaders to create four business leader profiles. They are all unique and have different strengths and weaknesses.

By identifying your business leader profile you can begin to access your strengths. You might also be surprised to find that what you consider to be one of your weaknesses may turn out to be your business superpower.

Your business leader profile can give you valuable clues about:

  • The kind of business you are going to run.
  • The type of business that will really speak to your talents and gifts.
  • The people you need to bring on board to help you run your business or to get your business going as you can identify the areas that are not your strengths where you will need help.
  • How you can be more productive.
  • Understanding the people you work with. In our own business we discovered we have different profiles. This knowledge has really helped us to work through some sticky moments!